Escorts in Rasheedabad Karachi.

Escorts In Rasheedabad – Places Where Prostitution Is Growing

In a recently visited neighborhood in Karachi, there were more than a handful of call girls. They were working for some very well known and established “call girl” services. These girls were working from their own homes earning handsomely. It was not wrong to think that they are well educated and had good relatives.

But this is just one side of the coin. The other side is that many times these escorts are pimps or sex workers who later on become welfare queens and politicians. Such girls are not only vulnerable, but also prone to all sorts of criminal activities. So, while looking at this, we should also look at the reality of what goes on in front of the “escorts”.

These girls have many jobs. Some may be house wives, office employees and others. Yet, all through our country, especially in big cities like Karachi, these girls are subjected to all sorts of immoral and criminal acts. To name a few, they indulge in prostitution, theft, extramarital affairs, drug offences, and even sex tourism.

These girls, often times work for different men at the same time. At one place, they might be employed by the Qari Abdul Basit Muhammad. He is a well established politician with many supporters. In one event, we know that she might have been married to him. So, there is a high probability that the call girls she was servicing to at the time of her employment may have been under his patronage.

The police found some of the call girls from their homes. Most of them were found to be running businesses as well. There were agencies that specialise in such services. The ones that the police traced and brought back to their original locations were those that were running businesses and did not have the permits to run such services.

Some of these girls that were brought back were very distraught and reluctant to talk to the media. They had to be convinced by the media personnel and police officials to give up the illegal businesses. However, we can understand the women’s attitude; it is very difficult to run an agency in a city if you are not good at your job. It is very hard to get permits to operate from one place to another.

Escorts in Rasheedabad has definitely come a long way. But the problem still remains that they are mostly from poor backgrounds. Many of them do not have proper documents to support them as legitimate workers. The ones who do have good documents are not getting jobs fast enough because they are not capable of doing so.

The criminals and the pimps still have a free reign to operate without any restrictions. These girls can be classified into two main categories. There are those who belong to the lower strata of the society and those who are from upper class. Those from the upper class belong to the middle class and are associated with some middle-class organization. These girls belong to some NGO’s and are considered middle class.

They are not in the category of lowborn people. On the other hand, the pimps belong to the upper strata of the society. They are well educated and belong to some business houses. The only difference lies in their nature of business and the manner in which they conduct their business. Pimps, on the other hand, force these girls to engage in sex trade and sometimes force them to be specific persons for the purposes of trafficking.

Most of the pimps and trafficked girls are foreigners. Some of them come from Australia, Canada and USA. Some of them come from Asia, Africa and even from some Middle Eastern countries.

The question why there are so many Escorts in Karachi is still unanswered. One thing we can say is that the demand is there. However, it is not good to assume that everybody who comes to Pakistan has good quality. It is always better to check the background of the people who come here to earn a livelihood. Those who have criminal records and those with sexual assault charges against their name, should be avoided. These girls may turn out to be drug dependent and that can lead to problems in a long run.

There are also girls who sell themselves like slaves. Such girls usually come from educated families and they are not in need of any work. But being in a position to buy girls cheap can be a good thing. These girls are generally married and when they reach Pakistan they usually end up having a boyfriend or husband.

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