Escorts in Muslim Mujahid Colony Karachi

Escorts in Muslim Medallion

Escorts in Muslim Mujahid Colony are mostly women. This has resulted in the creation of Escorts in Muslim Colony. It is a thriving business and has grown phenomenally in the last few years. It is the dream of every woman to have an escort with her while travelling alone. In this article I will tell you about different types of Escorts in Karachi.

The name of the organization that offers these Escorts in Karachi is “Kamasala”. The organization was started in the year 1989. The first batch of Escorts were girls from a conservative community. Later on they were added from a broader range of community.

“Kamasala”, is a religious society. Escorts in Karachi work for protection of the weaker members of the society. Protection of property and order was one of the core functions of this organization. These escorts are also responsible for the prevention of crime in the society.

They can be very well dressed. Their attires usually include salwar, saree and churidar. It’s not compulsory for them to wear a uniform. Their dress allows them to easily identify themselves with their respective service provider. Since most of the girls from this community are conservative, they are dressed in unisex clothes.

There are various agencies that offer Escorts in Muslim Colony. Each agency specializes in particular type of girls. They provide all types of services to satisfy the needs of their clients. They also conduct seminars and workshops to enlighten the minds of the girls to take up jobs as Escorts in Karachi. These workshops help in increasing the moral standard of the girls.

All the organizations conduct training sessions for their Escorts. Initially, these trainings are conducted to inculcate self-respect and discipline in the minds of the young girls. The basic topics that are covered during the training are as follows: –

Human Resources – This involves management of recruitment of employees, training and developing employees, follow up, payroll system and other services related to employee productivity. Conducting employee disciplinary proceedings. Providing benefits to the employees and their families. Creating policies to govern their work. Training their HR officers in customer and social service delivery.

Escorts in Muslim Colony have an opportunity to choose their profession. They can choose either to be a driver or a hostess. They can even choose to be a beautician, a seamstress or a housekeeping professional. They have the opportunity to specialize in a particular field. For instance, there are organizations that exclusively deal with bridal parties and others organize bachelorette and bachelor parties. They have services like medical escort, legal escort, bodyguard, corporate Escorts, street entertainer, airport taxi etc.

They have special packages designed especially for their clients. To attract girls to join their organization they offer various packages that include grooming services. Moreover, they provide their clients with detailed training on all aspects of their profession. Some of the training that they provide include terrorism training, domestic violence, human resource management, first aid training, media sales and advertising.

There are also organizations that extend their services to foreigners. Some of these organizations cater to tourists and non nationals. The girls who work in such organizations are mostly young. Some of them speak English and some of them are Urdu speakers. Some of them also can only speak English but Urdu is their mother tongue.

Escorts in Muslim Colony are also specialized in escort operations outside the country. Such services are extended by organizations based in the Gulf cities. Some of these organizations also arrange for exotic cruises. One of the most popular destinations that are visited regularly by tourists is Egypt. There are organizations which specialize in escorting celebrities and foreign visitors. Their services are mostly hired by VIPs and film stars.

The services of such organizations are not free but the charges are very reasonable. It is important to choose a service provider who offers fair and reasonable rates. One of the best things about hiring services from service providers in Muslim medallion is that one can easily get in touch with the provider by making the necessary calls. In order to save money it is always better to contact reputed service providers and negotiate with them to get the best service at the most reasonable rates.

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