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Escorts in Karachi Everyday I go out with my two teenage brothers, my cousin and a friend to look for Saloon girls. It’s funny how things have changed. The saloon girls of yester years used to be few and far between. Back then there was the big discotheque, the one which had all the male entertainment and where everyone knew their role. Nowadays however there are barely any! It seems society has lost its desire for pick-up lines and innuendos.

My cousins and I first want to look for a good place where we can practice our skills on unsuspecting guys. We head to the local gym and are practically mobbed by a bunch of sweaty teenagers. The guy who was always available to give me a good back massage later on becomes a nobody. They say luck is like a coin, you get what you paid for! So now we spend hours in front of the mirror looking for that girl that we can’t resist. But I don’t even want to look at those girls!

What is happening to my teenage hopes and dreams of finding the perfect saloon girl? Saloon girls in cities are few and far between. My friends and I are now looking out for hotels in Karachi which specialize in serving girls nights. Not only will we get a chance to practice our skills on unsuspecting men, we’ll also get to spend some quality time with our friends and relatives.

Karachi is known for being a center for entertainment. From boxing and ballroom dancing to street food and fashion, there is always something fun to do. That’s why most of the westerners calling Karachi home are usually looking out for girls that they can have fun with! They don’t even care if they get wasted!

To be fair, there are isolated pockets of cities where saloon girls work but these places are few and far between! The lack of female entertainment means that the ‘bar girls’ have to rely on meeting men in places other than their ‘bar’. The problem is, many of these girls aren’t actually all that attractive! That’s why it’s hard to find any kind of decent girl working in a saloon!

Escorts in Hotels Days is actually my new profession. I’ve always loved girls and the idea of getting paid for giving them a good time has always been appealing. Now, I can say that I’m earning some serious money! I’ve had my ups and downs as a dancer in the past but the times I’ve spent in bars have been some of the most enjoyable.

What’s more, I’m getting paid according to how well I can make up on the guys. For example, one weekend I paid $100 for a couple of hours of dancing. On another day I managed to get a few hundred for some short dancing sessions. These are typical rates for long sessions, especially for younger escorts in hotels. The best part is, the majority of my income now comes from clients who want me to ‘baby’ them (give them massages) during their time in the hotel!

One of my favorite parts of working in saloon girls is picking up guys. It’s something I can do easily and just as well as any dancer. I love the excitement of running up and down the stairs or the dance floor. I’m also really good at flirting with men – a big part of what I do. It helps that I’m naturally attractive, but I don’t think it matters much! I’m just trying to help girls have fun!

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